About Us

If you are on the about me page, this an opportunity for me to introduce myself to you; I am Yvonne Suber.  I worked in Corporate America for over twenty-five years, now retired.  During my employment, opportunities afforded me to work with customers building relationships inside and outside the company, making sure to accomplish their requests as requested.  Now, I started another adventure to build relationships with individuals who are concerned about the products they are applying to their skin

Unable to find natural products that I felt comfortable using on my skin, I starting making products and sharing them with family and friends. After great feedback from everyone, I embarked on my vision – to create a natural skincare line – simple and pure, for everyone to enjoy. All of my products contain ingredients (just to name a few) that I feel confident about – shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil – putting on my body, so it’s healthy to put on your body.

It is my hope that you enjoy the natural ingredients that I bring to you, as I loved producing these products. So much that I put my first and last name on it = SuVonne.